Russia is Ready if the West Wants to Fight for Ukraine

@Wikimedia Commons

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Russia is prepared if the West chooses to engage in a conflict over Ukraine. Lavrov made these remarks during a parliamentary hearing discussing the formation of the new government.

Lavrov emphasized that if Western nations opt to enter the conflict directly, Russia is prepared to respond accordingly. These comments come amid heightened tensions between Russia and NATO, particularly after French President Emmanuel Macron hinted at the possibility of deploying Western troops to the region.

The Kremlin has issued stern warnings regarding the potential consequences of NATO intervention in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that such actions could escalate into a global conflict, even suggesting the risk of World War III.

Lavrov further criticized the upcoming peace talks scheduled for June in Switzerland, noting Russia's exclusion from the negotiations. He likened this situation to being reprimanded in one's absence, asserting that such treatment is unacceptable, particularly toward Russia.

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