Japan’s Weathernews prepares for Posidonia Exhibition

Japan's Weathernews Inc, a weather forecast, weather routing, weather intelligence, performance, and environmental management specialist, is preparing for its fourth Posidonia outing, on June 3-7.

The company aims to establish new connections while rekindling existing ones, seizing the opportunity to showcase its latest generation of solutions. Among these new products is Sea Navigator, an all-in-one platform tailored for shipowners, charterers and operators.

"At Weathernews, we integrate AI into our technological infrastructure to augment our algorithms, enhancing our capabilities. However, we maintain a balance by leveraging human expertise alongside AI, recognizing that nothing can fully replace the insights and intuition of experienced professionals," said Elias Makris, Weathernews' EMEA sales director.

"Our motto has always been to protect mariners and...

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