Notorious people smuggler operated in Greek territory

Barzan Majeed, a recently-arrested Iraqi migrant trafficking kingpin known as "Scorpion," had been operating within Greek territory, Kathimerini understands.

Information gleaned from migrant smuggling networks suggests that Majeed resided and conducted operations in Greece from 1999 until late 2005, before relocating to the UK.

During this period, Majeed was active in the northwestern port town of Igoumenitsa, orchestrating the smuggling of migrants into Italy via trucks. "He would load people onto trucks," a source told the newspaper.

In 2006, Majeed departed for Italy aboard a truck, eventually ending up in the UK. However, he resurfaced in Iraq nine years later, in 2015, amid the migration crisis, to oversee migrant trafficking into the European Union. This trafficking allegedly occurred through Turkey and Greece, utilizing either boats or small vehicles...

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