Bulgaria Ventures into Kamikaze Drones Production: A Game Changer in Military Technology

FPV drone

Bulgaria is embarking on the production of kamikaze drones, which will be priced at BGN 2,000 each and have the capability to destroy tanks valued at 10-15 million euros, according to Kalin Dimitrov, the executive director of a Ministry of Defense company, as reported in an interview with the Bulgarian Army newspaper.

Initially, the assembly of these unmanned aerial vehicles will involve the use of parts from external suppliers, with plans to eventually transition to in-house production within the company's structures. Dimitrov mentioned that the warhead, or ammunition, will be Bulgarian-made and produced at the "Terem" plant in Kostenets.

Meetings have been held with Bulgarian companies possessing experience in drone manufacturing. In Bulgaria, several startups have already made progress in developing unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial purposes. The experience gained from the conflict in Ukraine underscores the increasing utility of drones on the battlefield. They are categorized into various types, ranging from relatively simple drones capable of carrying and launching grenades to more sophisticated FPV drones equipped with RPG missiles weighing approximately one kilogram. At an advanced level are "loitering ammunition" or kamikaze drones designed to target armored vehicles, with a larger version suitable for attacking buildings and fortifications, according to the Information Center of the Ministry of Defense.

Kalin Dimitrov previously announced the creation of a scientific unit within the Ministry of Defense tasked with developing smart munitions and various drone modifications.

In addition to the kamikaze drones project, the Bulgarian military is set to acquire SpaceX's Starlink satellite-internet terminals. These terminals...

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