Greek Prime Minister Proposes European Air Defense System Inspired by 'Iron Dome'

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has proposed the establishment of a European air defense system, modeled after Israel's "Iron Dome," during an interview with Sky TV this morning. Mitsotakis emphasized the need for a unified defense strategy across Europe to safeguard against potential threats.

Mitsotakis outlined his vision for a European air defense system that would cover all European countries, similar to the Israeli "Iron Dome," during his media appearance. He emphasized the importance of utilizing European resources collectively to ensure air defense capabilities for each member state, independent of their national budgets.

Defense Minister Nikos Dendias echoed Mitsotakis's sentiments, stressing the urgency of implementing such a defense mechanism in Greece and across Europe. Dendias highlighted the necessity of preparing for potential large-scale attacks involving drones and missiles, underscoring the importance of proactive defense strategies.

While acknowledging that the development of such a program will require time, Dendias noted that funds have been allocated in the country's budget program until 2030 to support this initiative. This indicates a long-term commitment to enhancing air defense capabilities both domestically and within the broader European context.

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