Vucic: Pristina's announcement another trick by Kurti, lobbyists

KOTOR, - Commenting on Pristina's announcement it would submit its own statute of a Community of Serb Municipalities to the so-called Kosovo constitutional court by end-May, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday it was another trick by Albin Kurti and his helpers and lobbyists.

"It is another trick played together by Albin Kurti and his helpers, including Gerald Knaus and all of their other lobbyists," Vucic said in Kotor, Montenegro.

"Who are they to submit their own text? The Brussels Agreement states quite clearly it should be done by a Serbian management or, if we agree - as we have agreed, contextually, conceptually and in principle - it should be a text submitted by the EU. What do they have to do with that and how are they supposed to submit anything?" Vucic said in response to questions from reporters.

"Of course, it is a trick because...

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