Vucic: Western Balkans to probably wait for six more years to join EU

KOTOR - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday the Western Balkan region would probably wait for six more years to join the EU, but noted that that was "alright."

"I know that none of us will become a part of the EU before Ukraine does. When we will join the EU and whether we will join together with Ukraine, is another problem," Vucic told a panel at a Western Balkans-EU summit in Kotor, Montenegro.

"You have your own opinions, but my intelligence is telling me I am right. And, of course, it is something that is going on right now. We will probably wait for about six more years, which is also alright. The EU may be so popular in your countries, but it is not so popular in my country, just like we are not so popular either, even though we are the largest part of this region. We will never say bad things about the significance of this initiative," Vucic...

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