Bulgaria's President Warns Against North Macedonia's Violation of Prespa Agreement

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev expressed concern over the recent actions and rhetoric of politicians in North Macedonia, emphasizing the need to move beyond the election campaign phase. He cautioned against the potential consequences of such behavior, warning that it could lead to the country's isolation and distance from the European Union. Radev underscored that such developments would ultimately harm the citizens and the state itself.

During the swearing-in ceremony of the first female president of North Macedonia, the use of the term "Macedonia" instead of the agreed-upon name as per the 2018 Prespa Agreement with Greece raised significant issues. Radev highlighted the importance of adherence to international agreements and norms, particularly for a candidate country aspiring to EU membership. He stressed that North Macedonia cannot unilaterally impose conditions on member states or seek to revise international treaties, as such actions undermine its reputation as a state that upholds international law.

Radev reiterated Bulgaria's commitment to fostering positive relations with North Macedonia and facilitating its path to EU accession. He emphasized the significance of bilateral cooperation, noting that North Macedonia's journey toward Brussels passes through Sofia. Throughout his tenure, Radev has consistently extended invitations to his counterparts from North Macedonia, underscoring the importance of dialogue and collaboration between the two countries.

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