Council of State to review legalization of urban planning violations in common areas


The legality of regularizing urban planning violations in common areas of a property without the consent of all co-owners will be examined Saturday by the plenary session of the Council of State, Greece's highest administrative court.

This issue is of significant interest, as it not only concerns the closure of a section of a common area but potentially any deviation from the building permit that affects the common areas of a building.

The case was previously deemed unconstitutional by the fifth chamber of the Council of State but was referred to a higher level due to its importance.

In a three-story apartment building in the Municipality of Papagos - Holargos, a ground-floor homeowner illegally extended his home into the open area. He attempted to legalize this extension in 2010 under the second law for semi-open spaces (known in Greek as "imiypaithrioi")....

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