Diplomatic Tensions: Russia Expels British Military Attaché from Moscow

In response to Downing Street's accusation of sponsoring espionage and hacking attacks on British officials, Russia has expelled Britain's military attaché in Moscow. The Russian Foreign Ministry has declared Adrian Coghill, the British military attaché, as "persona non grata," giving him one week to leave the Russian Federation.

This expulsion comes following the UK's decision on May 8 to expel the Russian military attaché, whom it identified as a "secret military intelligence officer." Additionally, the UK revoked the diplomatic status of two Russian state-owned properties on the island and imposed new restrictions on Russian diplomatic visas, including limiting the duration of stays for Russian diplomats in the country.

The Russian Foreign Ministry dismissed the accusations against Maxim Elovik as "baseless and ridiculous" and warned of reciprocal measures. It labeled Britain's actions as "hostile" and "anti-Russian," indicating that Moscow's response would extend beyond the expulsion of the British military attaché.

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps characterized Russia's expulsion of Adrian Coghill as a "desperate move."

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