Longest Air Alert of the War in Kharkiv as Russian Offensive and Drone Attacks Intensify

For 16 hours, the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv remained under air alert, the longest duration since the war began. The alert was lifted a few hours after midnight.

At least five drones struck the city, as announced by regional governor Oleg Sinekhubov. President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that additional military forces have been dispatched to the Kharkiv region, partially halting the Russian army's offensive.

Russian forces continue their efforts to capture the city of Vovchansk. Kyiv has accused Moscow of using civilians as human shields there. Last week, Russia initiated an offensive toward Kharkiv. According to AFP calculations based on data from the Institute for the Study of War, Russia captured nearly 300 square kilometers of territory between May 9 and 15.

NATO reported that the Russian army lacks the necessary number of soldiers to achieve a strategic breakthrough in the Kharkiv region.

Kyiv has launched drone attacks on occupied Crimea and Russia's Belgorod region, resulting in casualties.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that its air defenses had shot down more than 100 Ukrainian drones.

The air alert declared in much of the Kharkiv region was lifted early this morning after local authorities reported strikes by Russian drones and a missile threat in the city of Kharkiv.

Mayor Igor Terekhov mentioned a fire that broke out following the attacks, but there were no casualties reported.

Terekhov noted that the drone attack was followed by a missile attack. Explosions were also reported in the city of Poltava in the region of the same name.

The Ukrainian army reported that the Russians are exerting pressure on the Ukrainians in the Kharkiv region.

Fighting continues mainly around...

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