Prime Minister Mitsotakis expresses confidence in European elections win

File photo.

Prime Minister Mitsotakis expressed his confidence that his New Democracy party will win the European elections during a speech in Giannitsa, a city in northern Greece, on Friday. 

Mitsotakis told his supporters that after the European elections his party will continue to dominate the Greek political scene. "I don't want there to be any doubt, New Democracy will remain the dominating political force in Greek politics," he said.

Furthermore, Mitsotakis warned his supporters that the opposition may try to use the European election results to cast doubts on the legitimacy of his government. "We should not give them a pretext," stated Mitsotakis. 

He also stated that abstention is "the great danger" of the European elections and blamed the opposition for ignoring European matters in the campaign and focusing on Greek politics. 

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