Vucic: We will seek resolution on WWII plight of Serbs at hands of Germany, Croatia

BELGRADE - Due to the proposed UN General Assembly resolution on Srebrenica, Serbia will seek a resolution on the plight of Serbs at the hands of Germany and Croatia during WWII, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced on Friday.

Vucic said adopting a Srebrenica resolution would open a Pandora's box.

"Because the Russians will soon file a motion to declare the German killings of the Russian and the Soviet people in WWII as genocidal. We will request the same for what the Germans were doing in Serbia and for what (Croatia's) Ustashas were doing at (the) Jasenovac (death camp). Needless to say, that will raise many other issues, for Turkey and for some Western powers, regarding native Americans and many others," Vucic said before a meeting with Patriarch Porfirije of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik.

"This is a very...

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