Weather in Bulgaria over the Weekend: Calm and Sunny, Rain Expected in the Evening

On May 18, expect sunny weather with cumulus clouds forming after noon, leading to isolated rain showers in mountainous regions. Most areas will experience calm weather, with a light southeasterly wind in the east. Temperatures will range from 20°C to 25°C, slightly lower along the coast, and around 23°C in Sofia.

Cloud cover will increase from the west in the evening, with rain showers occurring in the early hours of Sunday.

Along the Black Sea coast, the weather will be mostly sunny, with low cloud or fog in the morning. There will be a light southeasterly wind, with highs of 16°C to 17°C, matching the seawater temperature.

In the mountains, the day will be mostly sunny, but clouds will gather over the Rhodopes, bringing rain and thunderstorms. Expect moderate to strong northwesterly winds, with highs of 18°C at 1,200 meters and 12°C at 2,000 meters.

Sunday and Monday will be mostly overcast with rain and thunderstorms, though there will be isolated patches of sunlight. Light to moderate southeasterly winds will prevail, with lows between 10°C and 15°C and highs ranging from 23°C to 28°C.

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