A blue digital transition

Workers clean a beach after an oil spill on the island of Salamina, near Athens, in 2017. The writer says oil spills pose a significant threat to the Mediterranean Sea, which is thought to experience around 2,000 such incidents a year. [AP]

Oceans: Not only do they regulate the Earth's climate but they also sustain life as we know it. Yet, despite their critical role, oceans are facing persistent degradation and destabilization worldwide.

In the European Union, green transition, the Green Deal, and the digital transformation are top priorities, aiming to achieve climate neutrality, foster economic development and save our oceans.

At this year's Delphi Economic Forum in Delphi, Greece, themed "The Great Transition," on the panel titled "Safeguarding our Oceans in a Warming World," I stressed the necessity of a blue digital transition which encompasses digital transformation and the green transition tailored to the marine environment.

Europe's commitment to digital transformation is already evident in its policies and legislative frameworks. Let's mention here the Digital Decade framework and recent...

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