Diaspora startups dwarf Greece’s


Boston, London, New York and San Francisco are but a few of the technological hubs where one can find emerging tech companies with Greek DNA, from the biotechnology sector to artificial intelligence.

The critical mass of these startups has a high value, since, as executives who monitor the startup market admit, for every new startup that emerges in Greece, another 5-6 technology companies are born from Greek founders in foreign countries. "From what we have recorded, we conclude that the ecosystem of startups, as it has been developed by Greeks abroad, is 10-20 times larger than that of Greece," says Panagiotis Karabinis, managing director of Endeavor Greece, an organization for strengthening and networking companies.

Research published by Endeavor Greece in 2022 titled "2021 Greek-Tech Ecosystem Insights & Predictions for 2022," the capitalization of companies that...

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