High Euroscepticism in Serbia: Many Unwilling to Join the EU

According to a recent survey by the Washington-based International Republican Institute, Serbian citizens exhibit the highest level of Euroscepticism in the Western Balkans. In contrast, Albanians demonstrate the greatest enthusiasm for joining the European Union, reports the institute.

If a referendum were held today on Serbia's EU membership, only 40 percent of Serbians would vote "yes," as shown by the institute's latest public opinion survey conducted across six Western Balkan countries. Among Serbians, 34 percent would vote "against" joining the EU, while nine percent are uncertain or refuse to answer, and 17 percent would abstain from voting.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia, more than half of the respondents are not as Eurosceptic. Specifically, 68 percent of Bosnians would vote "for" EU entry, with 15 percent voting "no," 11 percent abstaining, and five percent uncertain or refusing to answer.

In North Macedonia, the figures are similar: 68 percent would vote "yes," 13 percent "no," 11 percent would abstain, and seven percent are uncertain or refuse to answer. Additionally, 34 percent of North Macedonians and 44 percent of Bosnians believe the EU is serious about offering membership to the Western Balkan countries.

Montenegrin citizens are notably more positive about EU accession, with 79 percent voting "yes," only eight percent "no," ten percent abstaining, and three percent uncertain or refusing to answer. Furthermore, 59 percent of Montenegrins believe the EU is sincere about offering membership.

In Kosovo, the majority of citizens are in favor of joining the EU, with 89 percent voting "in favor" and only two percent "against." Six percent would abstain, and three percent are uncertain or refuse to answer....

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