Alinejad: ‘Iranian women are wounded but unbowed to their oppressors’

Masih Alinejad enjoys one of the simplest forms of freedom, the ability to dress as she wishes, near her home in New York City in 2018. Today, the Iranian activist is under FBI protection after being target of assassination attacks and still receives thousands of threatening messages. [Cole Wilson/The New York Times]

"My dream is to witness an Iran liberated from the grip of the Islamic regime," the Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad tells Kathimerini in an interview. The Iranian women's rights activist is living in exile in the USA, under the protection of the FBI. She spoke to us by phone about what it means to be a woman under Iran's theocratic regime. She has been the target of assassination attacks, attempts have been made to kidnap her, and she still receives thousands of threatening messages. But she continues to resist and stresses that "the flame of the revolution within the country is still burning."

What is the daily life of a woman in Iran like, let alone when she opposes the regime?

In Iran, clerics promise women that following sharia law will lead to heaven. Yet, they've turned the lives of Iranian women into a living hell. If you are a...

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