Berzeg’s death remains unclear after forensic examination

Forensic experts have been unable to reach a conclusion on the cause of death of Korhan Berzeg following an examination of the skull and bone fragments of the economist.

The 83-year-old man vanished on June 17 last year while staying at his summer house in the western city of Balıkesir's Gönen district. For 316 days, his whereabouts remained unknown, leaving family, friends and law enforcement agencies baffled.

After nearly one year after his disappearance, the authorities discovered Berzeg's identity card, credit card, clothing and bone fragments.

DNA results validated that the bones belonged to Berzeg, confirming his death.

The latest development on May 18 revealed that the examination of the bone fragments at the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute had been completed in an effort to determine Berzeg's cause of death.

Due to the absence of tissue on the bones, the cause of Berzeg's demise could not be established, local media reported.

Authorities stated that the discovered bones will be handed over to Berzeg's family through the prosecutor's office in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Berzeg's death will continue, with the gendarmerie set to evaluate all the notifications on the incident.

Berzeg's bones are expected to be buried in the coming days in the rural Armutlu neighborhood of Balıkesir's Gönen district, where he was born and raised.

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