Bulgarian President Radev: Victory Over Russia Impossible, Urges End to Ukraine War

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev emphasized the "impossibility of achieving a victory over Russia" and rejected the continuation of the war in Ukraine as a viable option. Speaking to journalists about the attempted assassination of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, Radev expressed concern over the war's repercussions spreading across Europe, highlighting the dangers of suppressing peace advocates with violence.

Radev criticized the intolerance and hatred fostered in European societies towards differing opinions, a sentiment he has cautioned against for some time. He stated, "It is unacceptable to present the continuation of the war and the impossible victory over Russia as the only possible solution."

He argued that many politicians, parties, and media outlets have exacerbated hatred by labeling dissenting views as "pro-Russian," a practice he deems both unfair and harmful. Radev warned that such rhetoric leads to negative outcomes and insisted that militaristic appeals, which often incite violence, have no place in Europe.

Calling for rational discourse and effective diplomatic efforts to achieve peace, Radev urged an end to the ongoing war in Ukraine and opposed the continuous supply of arms. He believes that regardless of weapon provisions, the conflict's outcome will remain the same, marked by immense human loss and the devastation of Ukraine, for which Europe will bear the recovery costs.

Radev cautioned that without resolving the conflict, Ukraine faces demographic destruction and severe damage to its infrastructure, industry, and production, consequences that will impact all of Europe. He stressed that every day the conflict continues brings disaster.

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