Fighting off the specter of barbarism

Members of the MdM-Greece mission to Sumy, on the northeastern border of Ukraine, receive a delivery of medicine. The nongovernmental organization provides medical and psychological support in the war-torn region. [Medecins du Monde]

For more than two years, Doctors of the World Greece (MdM-Greece) have been working relentlessly in Ukraine to help rebuild hospitals and shelters, and provide medical, psychological and material support to locals forced to flee occupied territories amid mines and shelling and the sorrowful sound of sirens.

"The destruction is so massive that one wonders even if the war were to stop tomorrow how long it would take and how much time it would require to rebuild all this," Elli Xenou, head of MdM-Greece's international programs, told Kathimerni English Edition, after her return from the northeastern border of Ukraine, in Sumy.

She describes the dire situation experienced by the residents of Sumy and the surrounding areas of Ukraine, about 400 kilometers from Kyiv and just 40 km from the border with Russia.

MdM is currently reconstructing one hospital in the south...

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