Ndonga Sima: We want Serbian expertise to return to Gabon

BELGRADE - Gabonese PM Raymond Ndonga Sima said on Monday in Belgrade his country maintained mutual respect with Serbia and that the two countries wanted to respect the traditional relations established during the Yugoslav era.

Ndonga Sima noted that Yugoslav companies such as Belgrade-based Energoprojekt had been involved in construction projects in Africa in the 1970s and noted that he very much appreciated the work they had done.

"We want your expertise to return to Gabon in all domains," he told Serbian PM Milos Vucevic at a joint press conference.

He said Gabon was seeking to cooperate with Serbia in agriculture.

"We are lacking work force and we must get mechanised and deal with the food industry. Our country has a deficit in that industry. The COVID crisis revealed many things we had not thought about before and it is in our interest to start...

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