Price Discrepancies Found in Bulgarian Online Stores Reselling from Chinese Sites

Many Bulgarian consumers are raising concerns about the resale of goods from Chinese sites like Temu and Shein at higher prices in Bulgarian physical and electronic stores, according to Gabriela Rumenova from the online platform "We, the consumers." This comes in light of the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) filing a collective complaint to the European Commission against the Chinese platform Temu.

The complaint against Temu cites various manipulative practices aimed at boosting sales, including users receiving different, more expensive versions of products after clicking on a particular item, or encountering difficulties in closing their accounts. In Italy, tests of cosmetics purchased from Temu revealed issues such as missing ingredients lists or incomplete information.

Moreover, investigations in Germany uncovered misleading product reviews and deceptive pricing strategies on the platform, further fueling concerns among consumers. A striking example of price disparities can be seen with t-shirts featuring modern designs, which are priced just over BGN 8 on Temu, compared to BGN 41 on a Bulgarian-operated site.

This significant price difference, sometimes up to five times higher, is evident across various product categories. Dresses, for instance, priced at 10-15 BGN on the Chinese market, are often sold at double or more on alternative platforms. Such practices have been highlighted by users on social media platforms, underscoring the disparity in prices for similar products.

While these markups may not necessarily be illegal, they can lead to feelings of being misled or cheated among consumers who find the same products at significantly lower prices elsewhere. Gabriela Rumenova stresses the importance of verifying the trader or...

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