Türkiye dismisses far-right Greek claims on Pontus

Türkiye has dismissed recent claims by far-right groups in Greece regarding the historical region of Pontus as "baseless," arguing that the assertions are aimed at harming bilateral relations.

"The claims... which they put forward with populist rhetoric in 1994, 75 years after the start of our War of Independence... are baseless," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued on May 19.

The ministry described "Pontus" as an "antiquated term" and linked its activities in the late 19th century to Greece's "Megali Idea" plan, an irredentist concept aiming to establish a Greater Greece.

"Essentially, the issue revolves around the exploitation of a historical process that ended with the exchange of Turkish and Greek populations, turning it into groundless claims," the statement added.

Ankara asserted that the claims are intended to disrupt the improving relations between Türkiye and Greece.

The statement highlighted the "positive momentum" in the bilateral relations and urged the Greek government to oppose efforts to hinder future peaceful coexistence.

"Our expectation from the Greek government is for it to take a clear stance against the efforts of some irresponsible politicians to prevent future generations from living in an environment of peace and tranquility," it read.

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