Tragic Incident in Silistra: 37-Year-Old Man Kills Longtime Friend

A 37-year-old man fatally assaulted his friend in the Silistra region, as reported by the Bulgarian police. The incident took place on Sunday in the village of Zafirovo.

Initial reports suggest that the murder occurred following a heated argument between the two men after consuming alcohol. They had been close friends for years and frequently spent time together. However, on Sunday, a dispute led the younger man to strike his 52-year-old friend on the head.

The attacker then took the victim's phone and 20 BGN, which were later recovered from his home. Authorities are investigating whether others were involved in the crime.

The perpetrator has a criminal history, and village residents are familiar with him, expressing their desire for a just sentence, according to Zafirovo's mayor, Miroslav Sali. The investigation continues under the supervision of the prosecutor's office.

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