Ukraine Claims Possible Destruction of Russia's Last Missile Carrier in Crimea

Dmytro Penteleychuk, head of the Joint Coordination Press Center for Southern Ukraine's Defense Forces, suggested that the Russian occupiers might have lost their last cruise missile carrier in Crimea. During a telethon, he discussed the results of the recent Ukrainian attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol's port.

"Perhaps all the personnel were hit there. They are very unhappy now... We are currently verifying the rest of the information. But there is a possibility that the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea has lost its last cruise missile carrier," Penteleychuk stated. He emphasized that this information is not yet confirmed, so official data is needed.

Earlier, the Russian Telegram channel "Spy Dossier" reported that the small Russian missile ship "Zyklon" might have been sunk during the attack on the Russian-occupied Sevastopol. According to unofficial Russian and Ukrainian sources, two ATACMS ballistic missiles struck the project 22800 Karakurt ship in Sevastopol's port. The attack reportedly killed six servicemen from the Russian Black Sea Fleet and injured 11 others, resulting in the ship's sinking.

The "Zyklon" was likely hit during the May 19 attack when the minesweeper 266-M "Kovrovets" was also sunk. If the destruction of "Zyklon" is confirmed, it would mean that Russia has lost its last cruise missile carrier in the Black Sea.

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