Artifacts with Egyptian influence in Smyrna

Archaeological excavations carried out in the ancient city of Smyrna in İzmir have unearthed figures and objects with Egyptian civilization influences.

The Smyrna Agora is one of the largest ancient agoras in the center of İzmir, and the Smyrna Theater is one of the largest theaters in the Mediterranean. The ancient city, founded by Alexander the Great on an area of 193 hectares, extends from Kadifekale to Kemeraltı. As part of the heritage area created under the name İzmir Historical Port City, the ancient site was inscribed on the World Heritage Temporary List by UNESCO in 2020.

Archaeological excavations have revealed thousands of objects from various periods. The artifacts provide information about the social and commercial life of the period.

Figures and objects with Egyptian influence were also found during the recent excavations carried out in the ancient city of Smyrna.

"In recent years, we have been intensively carrying out excavations, especially in the Smyrna Theater. During these excavations, we have come across many Egyptian-influenced findings. We know that the relations between Egypt and Anatolia date back to ancient times in political, cultural and commercial terms. Now, we see concrete examples of this relationship in the excavation site," said Akın Ersoy, a lecturer at İzmir Katip Çelebi University's Department of Turkish-Islamic Archaeology and the head of the Smyrna Ancient City and Agora Theater excavation committee.

"The fact that these objects are frequently found in the Smyrna Theater shows us that there was perhaps a worship area for Egyptian gods in the area where the theater was located. Of course, we need to prove this architecturally. But these objects possibly point to the temple of the Egyptian gods...

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