Bulgaria: Introduction of Four Ballot Boxes Marks a First in Election History


During a session of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), it was decided that in the upcoming 2-in-1 elections on June 9, ballots will be distributed across four separate ballot boxes, a novelty in the electoral process in Bulgaria.

The procedural guidelines governing the operations of local election commissions across the country for the combined elections will vary depending on whether the voting takes place solely with paper ballots or includes the use of electronic devices, as reported by BNR.

Emil Voinov, the Deputy Chairman of the CEC, highlighted that this marks the first instance where ballots will be allocated into four distinct boxes: two designated for paper ballots and two for machine-generated ballots. The votes collected from these separate ballot boxes will be tallied accordingly.

Detailed deliberations within a working group led to the formulation of methodological instructions, encompassing the sequence of procedures for the vote tabulation process.

Out of the total 9346 voting sections nationwide, those utilizing both paper and electronic ballots will have four boxes each. The methodological instructions further outline the procedures for vote counting and result reporting by the local election commissions.

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