Greek judge dismisses case against nine Egyptians accused of causing a deadly shipwreck

Two of nine Egyptian men accused of causing a shipwreck last year that killed hundreds of migrants arrive at a courthouse for the start of their trial in Kalamata, southwestern Greece, Tuesday, May 21. [Thanassis Stavrakis/AP]

A Greek judge has dismissed a case against nine Egyptian men accused of causing a shipwreck that killed hundreds of migrants last year and sent shockwaves through the European Union's border protection and asylum operations, after a prosecutor told the court Greece lacked jurisdiction.

The decision by Presiding Judge Eftichia Kontaratou came shortly after the trial opened in the southern Greek city of Kalamata, and was greeted with cheers and applause from supporters of the defendants at the courthouse.

More than 500 people are believed to have gone down with the Adriana, which sank in one of the deepest parts of the Mediterranean while traveling from Libya to Italy. Only 104 people were rescued from the overcrowded fishing trawler - all men, the vast majority from Syria, Pakistan and Egypt - and 82 bodies were recovered.

Prosecutors accused the defendants,...

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