Vucic: We did not expect some countries to stab us in back in UNGA vote

NEW YORK - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday in New York Belgrade had information about what countries would vote for a Srebrenica genocide resolution in the UN General Assembly on Thursday and that there would be "disappointing news" about the positions of some countries that had not been expected to stab Serbia in the back.

"But we did expect big pressure and we knew there would be changes of positions, and that they would keep silent all the time and ultimately side with those that are big and powerful, but there will also be those that will endure the pressure and show they are ready to fight for the truth and oppose perverse principles," Vucic told reporters in New York.

"We are doing our job as much as we can, in spite of all difficulties," he noted.

"The only promise I have made to people is that we will work day and night, and that...

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