The grid capacity quagmire


The European electricity industry is expected to send a warning on Wednesday from Athens to the European Union ahead of the June 9 European elections that "keeping the lights on can no longer be taken for granted."

The concerns of electricity companies are linked to the significant lag in grid development, which can threaten not only the achievement of the European climate goals but also Europe's energy security.

The title of Eurelectric's annual conference Power Summit 2024, to be held for the first time in Greece, hosted by PPC and with the participation of approximately 500 experts from the sector, is "Lights ON." To keep them on in Europe, according to the "Grids for Speed" study that will be presented by Eurelectric, investments of 67 billion euros per year for the next few years will have to proceed at high speed through 2030. At the same time, to maximize RES...

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