Konstantopoulou, Varoufakis reject overture from SYRIZA leader

File photo.

Two minor left-wing parties have both rejected an overture by main opposition SYRIZA leader Stefanos Kasselakis ahead of the European Parliament elections in June.

"Mr Kasselakis is a man who fell from the sky. He has come to Greece very recently. He has the image of a political 'tourist,' a person being shown around the political life and the life of Greece," Zoe Konstantopoulou, leader of Course for Freedom, told Real FM on Tuesday.

Konstantopoulou, a former SYRIZA MP and Parliament Speaker from January to September 2015, acknowledged that Kasselakis "does not carry the sins of those who governed, who violated the popular mandate, who violated the referendum mandate, and who implemented the most anti-social policies." Nevertheless, she added, "he is the leader of a party of which he seized control through a hostile takeover."

In the same interview,...

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