Vucic: Serbs to be proud of their country

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday evening the Serbs would be proud of their country on Friday, the day after a UN General Assembly vote on a Srebrenica resolution.

"We will be disappointed in some countries and celebrate some others, but we will travel around the world with our heads held up high because the whole world knows Serbia is a free and freedom-loving state that is not being run by anyone else," Vucic told the RTS.

"It will be known that Serbia has opposed the arrogant, the big and powerful - not because it needs something or because it is guilty of something, but because it protected its freedom and its face," he added.

He said he firmly believed China would vote against the resolution and that "everything will be different" for Serbia in that case.

"I believe they will vote against and I rely on that, just like...

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