Vucevic: Srebrenica resolution has essentially suffered debacle

BELGRADE/BANJALUKA - Serbian PM Milos Vucevic said on Thursday evening the Srebrenica resolution brought no good and that, even though it had been formally adopted in the UN General Assembly, it had essentially suffered a debacle.

Speaking to Republika Srpska public broadcaster RTRS, Vucevic said the resolution would not contribute to reconciliation or stronger ties between nations and states in the region.

"It is a political debacle for those who did that. Both Serbia and Srpska should hold their heads up high. We are not a genocidal nation, we are not bad people either. We should work more and fight for ourselves politically, and there is no giving up on that," Vucevic said, adding that he was proud of the togetherness between Serbia and Republika Srpska, the Srna news agency reported.

In spite of massive campaigning, blackmailing and everything that was...

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