European elections: All winners, but no change

A woman stands before voting next to a map of Greece at a polling station in Athens, June 25, 2023. [AP]

Two weeks before Greeks head to the ballots to vote for their representatives in the European Parliament, a reading of the polls suggests that several could claim to be winners the day after, without though any substantial changes on the political scene.

For ruling New Democracy polls indicate that it will match or even surpass its target, which was the electoral result of the 2019 European elections (33.12%), and stay well ahead of the second party.

"Although this figure is substantially lower than the 40.5% the center-right party won in last June's national elections, [Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos] Mitsotakis has set the bar for next month's vote at around 33%," Wolfango Piccoli from Teneo Intelligence wrote in a note to clients.

"He argues that since his government is in its second term, carrying the wear-and-tear of five years in office, and Greek voters...

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