Bulgarian President Radev: Want to Send Weapons to Ukraine? Sign Up for Combat!

President Rumen Radev, while visiting Switzerland, expressed concerns about the declarations stating Bulgaria will not send troops to Ukraine, saying they mean nothing if another NATO country provokes a direct confrontation with Russia. He emphasized that there is a noticeable escalation in both rhetoric and actions.

Radev urged politicians, especially those who have only ever held "a child's gun," to consult with experts before making any decisions.

"I call on all MPs and politicians who make decisions about sending weapons and escalating the conflict to undergo at least one month of intensive military training. They should also sign a declaration stating they will fight for Bulgaria if necessary," he said.

More quotes from President Radev:

"The hasty reactions of our politicians and institutions that Bulgaria will not send troops to Ukraine mean absolutely nothing if another NATO member state provokes a direct confrontation with Russia. Do you think that there are already such prerequisites? And we are watching how the rhetoric, and actions in this direction are constantly escalating".

"All NATO member states in one way or another are involved in this war - by providing intelligence information, targeting, weapons, ammunition, training instructors, advisers, contractors. There are such on the territory of Ukraine and already European leaders are openly talking about it presence. There are countries that say, and yesterday the NATO Secretary General himself said it: Use these weapons to strike deep in the back of Russia. Russia responds: I have the right to strike you. How do you think this can end?" asked Radev.

"We must realize very seriously that there is an escalation in speech,...

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