Lawyers say Egyptians cleared in Greece over migrant shipwreck remain unfairly detained

Nine Egyptian men cleared by a Greek court of involvement in a migrant shipwreck disaster remain unfairly held in administrative detention days after they were freed from jail, their lawyers said Monday.

A judge in the southern town of Nafplio on Tuesday is expected to hear a legal appeal for their release, the lawyers told a press conference in Athens.

"The decision for their detention is not legal, and has no justification," said Effie Dousi, one of the lawyers.

The nine men were among the 104 survivors of an overcrowded fishing trawler that sank in international waters off southwestern Greece on June 14, 2023, en route from Libya to Italy.

A total 82 bodies were recovered, but hundreds more people are feared lost in one of the worst migrant shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea.

Greek authorities accused the nine of being among the trawler's crew...

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