Poland's Surprise: Troop Deployment to Ukraine Possible!

Poland's Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, has suggested that Poland should not dismiss the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, as reported by Reuters on Tuesday. However, Sikorski did not specify the potential role that Polish troops would play in Ukraine.

While Ukraine's NATO allies have committed to offering financial and military assistance to Kyiv to defend against a potential Russian invasion, they have generally refrained from considering the deployment of troops to Ukrainian soil.

In response to a question about Poland's readiness to deploy troops to Ukraine, Sikorski stated that it should not be ruled out. He emphasized the importance of keeping Russian President Vladimir Putin uncertain about the intentions of NATO countries.

Earlier in February, French President Emmanuel Macron also acknowledged the possibility of NATO sending troops to Ukraine, highlighting the evolving discussions within the alliance regarding potential military intervention.

It seems the French will send some troops to Ukraine sooner rather than later. Read more about it here.

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