Djuric: Serbia to continue to reach out its hand to all partners worldwide

BELGRADE - Recognising the importance of engaging with major global and European actors, Serbia has adopted the "outreached hand" approach in its foreign policy and will continue to reach out its hand to all partners worldwide, Serbian FM Marko Djuric said at a Serbian Diplomacy Day ceremony at the MFA on Wednesday.

Quoting Winston Churchill, Djuric said the Balkan region was "producing more history than it can take" but that Serbia was determined to break that cycle "by engaging in dialogue with all regional actors to overcome the legacy of the past."

"Rather than encourage conflicts, we represent an ethos of an open Balkans, promoting connectivity and prosperity in the region as opposed to the burdens of the recent past," Djuric said.

He noted that Serbia remained open to regional cooperation, believing that only a stable political climate could produce...

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