‘Giants’ and the future

Greece was very fortunate because it had a generation of Greek-American "giants" by its side upon whom it could rely whenever it faced difficulties. This was the generation that exerted immense pressure on Henry Kissinger after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and spent its political and economic capital to help Greece. 

These were also the people who picked up the phone on the critical night of the Imia crisis to speak with Bill Clinton. Paul Sarbanes, Archbishop Iakovos, John Brademas, Andrew Athens, along with others who are still active, like Mike Dukakis and Angelo Tsakopoulos, were the protagonists of a "golden age" of influence and power for the Greek-American community. The problem? All this power never transformed into something institutionalized with mechanisms and a serious lobby. Unlike the pro-Israel lobby, which does not rely on individual figures and therefore...

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