Plovdiv's Public Transport Under Fire: 14 Shooting Incidents in Five Months

In Plovdiv, the perpetrator of yet another shooting incident targeting a public transport bus remains unidentified, as police continue their search operations. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported in the recent incident, which occurred at the last stop on line number 9 in the "Trakia" residential area. This marks the 14th such attack since the year began, according to the bus carrier.

Preliminary police findings suggest that an air rifle was used in the shooting. However, despite ongoing investigations, the motive behind these acts of vandalism remains unclear.

The last stop on line number 9 has become a concerning location for public transport drivers in Plovdiv, where buses have frequently fallen victim to shooting incidents. For bus drivers like Biser Velizarov, the repeated attacks raise serious safety concerns. For BNT, Velizarov highlighted the vulnerability of drivers, emphasizing the need for swift action to address the situation.

The recent incident, occurring just moments after the last passengers disembarked, underscores the urgency of implementing measures to ensure the safety of both passengers and drivers. Velizarov recounted hearing a gunshot and discovering cracked glass behind his seat, further amplifying fears among drivers.

With mounting concerns over safety, some drivers are contemplating bypassing the problematic stop altogether to mitigate the risk of future incidents. The transport company, acknowledging the severity of the situation, is exploring temporary alternatives to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers alike.

Savina Petkova, the deputy mayor for transport in Plovdiv, has pledged to investigate potential solutions to enhance safety measures at vulnerable stops. Suggestions include...

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