Russian Volunteers from Sofia Aid Ukrainian Front with Military Equipment

Russian volunteers belonging to the "Freedom of Russia Legion" dispatched military equipment to Ukraine, funded by voluntary donations from Russian citizens and ethnic Russians residing in Bulgaria. Demonstrating their commitment, the volunteers showcased six jeeps earmarked for the front line in front of the St. Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Sofia.

Emphasizing the purpose behind the acquisition, they clarified that the military equipment was procured and tailored to meet the exigencies of the front line, where the legion is engaged in combat against the Russian Army. The "Freedom of Russia Legion" constitutes an informal military entity comprising Russian nationals who are actively involved in Ukraine's armed forces.

This latest batch of vehicles marks the third such procurement initiative conducted by the volunteers through voluntary contributions in Bulgaria, aimed at bolstering support for Ukraine's defense efforts.

Organizers underscored that the acquired vehicles serve essential functions on the front line, primarily facilitating movement and defense operations within Ukraine's territory, without engaging in offensive maneuvers against Russian territories.

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