Turkish parliament calls for urgent UN Security Council meeting

The Turkish parliament has adopted a motion condemning Israel's attacks in the Gaza Strip city of Rafah, calling for an urgent meeting at the United Nations Security Council.

The resolution, passed unanimously at the general assembly on May 29, called on the security council to urgently convene and adopt a resolution to put an end to Israel's attacks in the southern Gaza city.

The motion pointed out that "the policies of oppression and cruelty imposed on Gazans by Israel, which is doomed to be alone in the face of the humanitarian front," have made the entire Palestine uninhabitable.

"[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and his gang, who disregard international treaties and the rules of law, recklessly display a racism that is unparalleled in the world with these murders. Israel's actions, which are the most infamous example of crimes against humanity with the latest Rafah attack, go beyond the apartheid regime practices and turn into a genocide."

"Not remaining silent in the face of these massacres and crimes against humanity is a debt owed by every individual and every country that values human rights," the motion said.

The international community and states must swiftly continue to take fair and necessary steps, such as recognizing Palestine, and isolate the Israeli government completely, it added.

"The perpetrators of the recent Rafah attacks will not go unpunished. Therefore, we call on the United Nations Security Council to urgently convene and make a decision to end Israel's attacks. Respecting human dignity and international law, the safety of innocent people must be ensured promptly."

On May 26, an Israeli strike outside Rafah ignited a fire in a displacement camp, torching makeshift shelters and...

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