US Opposes Ukraine's Use of American Weapons Against Russia

The United States has declared its opposition to Ukraine using American weaponry to target Russia, as tensions escalate following Vladimir Putin's warning against such actions. The White House issued this statement shortly after Putin cautioned that employing Western arms to strike deep into Russian territory could escalate into a global conflict.

Contrary to signals from Paris and Berlin, Washington's stance remains unchanged. French and German leaders have advocated for Ukraine's ability to strike Russian military sites launching missiles into Ukrainian territory. However, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby emphasized the US's stance, stating, "We do not encourage or enable the use of weapons supplied by the United States to strike Russian territory."

Meanwhile, the European Union asserts that decisions regarding the use of weapons supplied to Ukraine against Russian targets rest with individual member states. EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security, Josep Borrell, emphasized this during a press conference following a meeting of European defense ministers in Brussels.

Borrell underscored that while some EU countries have shifted their positions, no decision will be made at the EU level to dictate such actions. He stressed the importance of each member state taking responsibility for its decisions in this matter, highlighting the evolving dynamics within the EU regarding support for Ukraine's requests.

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