Breakthrough: Israel Accepts Biden's Gaza Plan

Israel has agreed to the proposed ceasefire framework presented by US President Joe Biden to end the conflict in Gaza. Despite labeling it as "flawed" and requiring some modifications, Israel's acceptance was confirmed by Ophir Falk, the chief foreign policy adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during an interview with the Sunday Times. Meanwhile, the Syrian news channel Sham FM reported casualties and property damage after an airstrike near Aleppo, with a military source attributing the attack to Israel.

In his interview with the Sunday Times, Ophir Falk clarified that Israel's acceptance of Biden's proposal was not because they found the deal satisfactory, but rather because they aimed for the release of all hostages. Falk emphasized that several details needed refinement, stressing that Israeli conditions, including the release of hostages and the dismantling of Hamas as a "genocidal terrorist organization," remained unchanged.

The US State Department disclosed that Secretary of State Antony Blinken held discussions regarding the proposal with Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Benny Gantz, a centrist minister allied with Netanyahu. Blinken emphasized to Gantz the importance of Hamas promptly accepting the deal, while also commending Israel's willingness to engage in negotiations with Galant.

Biden's ceasefire proposal garnered support from Egypt and Qatar and encompasses three stages. The initial phase, lasting six weeks, entails a comprehensive ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza settlements, and the release of hostages and prisoners. Humanitarian aid will be significantly increased, with Israel gradually withdrawing from Gaza as Hamas releases hostages and returns bodies of prisoners.<...

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