Electricity Up, Heating Down: Bulgaria Faces New Price Changes Ahead!

The Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) anticipates an average electricity price increase of 1.34% starting July 1, while the price of hot water and heating is expected to decrease by an average of 8.44%. Final decisions will be made at the end of the month, with an open meeting scheduled for next week to discuss these forecasts.

EWRC's data indicates the most significant electricity price hike will be for customers in Western Bulgaria, at 2.74%. The daytime tariff will rise by 2.72%, and the night tariff by 2.81%. In Southern Bulgaria, the average increase is projected at 1.46%, with a more substantial night tariff hike of 2.54%.

In Northeast Bulgaria, electricity prices are expected to decrease by less than 1%. The daytime tariff will drop by 0.91%, and the night tariff by 0.86%. Despite this reduction, the region will continue to have the highest daytime electricity prices.

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