Mesarovic: Serbia is Europe's investment hub

TOKYO, - Serbian Minister of Economy Adrijana Mesarovic said in Tokyo on Wednesday a Serbian delegation had come to Japan with a clear message that Serbia was Europe's investment hub.

In a statement released by her ministry, Mesarovic said Japanese investments in Serbia in the past 12 years totalled 473 euros and that the cooperation had been stepped up in recent years.

"It amounted to 214 mln euros in 2022 and 96 mln euros in 2023, and there is a plan and an agenda to intensify that cooperation in the coming years. With that clear message, we presented our innovative Serbia, our potential and our economic environment, and economic, political, financial and economic stability. We convinced Japanese investors that our country is recognised on the world's investment map," Mesarovic said.

She noted that the delegation had heard the same comment at every meeting...

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