Beach Safety Crisis: 100 Bulgarian Beaches Unprotected This Summer!

This summer, nearly one hundred of Bulgaria's sea beaches will be left without lifeguards, posing potential risks to beachgoers. The total count of unguarded beaches stands at 99 across the country, encompassing popular destinations like Irakli, Koral, and Byala-Karadere, known for their nature-based tourism appeal. Among the regions with the highest number of unprotected beaches are Burgas with 50, followed by Varna with 28, and Dobrich with 19. Notably, the sandy stretch from Durankulak to Shabla, as well as areas like Kamchia and Shkorpilovtsi to the south, will lack lifeguard services. Similarly, beaches in the Old Town of Nessebar, Aheloy, Kraimorie, Vromos, Alepu, and others along the Southern Black Sea coast will be unguarded.

The fluctuating number of unguarded beaches is attributed to delayed administrative procedures, leaving these areas without the essential lifeguard services during the peak summer season. Furthermore, administrative issues, such as duplicate competitions organized by the Ministry of Tourism and regional administrations, exacerbate the problem. Instances of two different companies winning competitions for providing lifeguards and medical teams on the same beach have been reported, causing confusion and inefficiency.

Changes in regulations regarding water rescue activities have contributed to a lack of interest from beach lessees or concessionaires in providing lifeguard services. The increased costs associated with implementing these regulations, including medical care on the beach, deter potential providers. Additionally, there is a shortage of qualified lifeguards, further complicating efforts to ensure beach safety.

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