Biden Apologized to Zelensky Over Delayed Delivery of Arms

US President Joe Biden has personally extended an apology to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for the delayed delivery of arms earlier this year. The passage of over 60 billion USD in military aid faced hurdles in the US Congress, primarily due to opposition from Republicans in the House of Representatives.

During their meeting in Paris, Biden assured Zelensky of continued support and announced a new aid package for Ukraine, valued at 225 million USD. Biden commended Zelensky for his resilience, stating, "You know, you didn't bow down, you didn't give in at all, you keep fighting in a way that's just remarkable," while expressing regret for the weeks of uncertainty surrounding funding delays.

Zelenskyi held a meeting with US President Joe Biden in Paris. They discussed Ukraine's defense capabilities, the situation on the battlefield, and preparations for signing a bilateral security agreement.

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In a separate address to the French parliament, Zelensky characterized Europe as a continent embroiled in conflict, asserting that Russia's aggression along Ukraine's borders persists unabated. He warned of the potential expansion of Russian aggression to neighboring countries, including the Baltic republics, Poland, and the Balkans.

Highlighting Russia's military engagements in Syria and presence in the Sahel region, Zelensky underscored the Kremlin's disregard for established borders. He accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of attempting to destabilize countries by exacerbating food and energy insecurities.

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