British Tourists Lead the Surge on Bulgaria's Southern Black Sea Coast

The greatest growth of foreign tourists on the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast is expected from Great Britain, according to data from Burgas airport.

A conference was held in Nessebar under the motto "Experience Bulgaria" to promote Bulgarian tourism. Representatives from the tourism industry in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland were in attendance.

Denitsa Miosavlevich, head of aviation business development at Burgas airport, highlights the increasing number of foreign tourists this year: "Traditionally, among the top 5 markets will also be the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, also among the top markets, but there the recovery is currently relatively slow compared to 2019."

The initiative aims to revive interest from German-speaking countries to achieve pre-pandemic growth levels. Great Britain remains the leading market on the Southern Black Sea coast.

Between 15,000 and 20,000 German tourists planning holidays on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast are affected by the bankruptcy of the third largest German tour operator in Europe. However, this is not expected to impact the summer season, according to Minister of Tourism Evtim Miloshev and Ivan Groshev, Chairman of the Board of Incoming Agencies.

"This situation occurs at the beginning of the season, allowing tourists to be accommodated. Guarantee funds will cover the costs, so the outlook is not so bleak. Initial information indicates these customers are being redirected through other tour operators. We have enough companies in Germany to handle this tourist flow, so I don't think it will negatively impact us."

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